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Package Includes:

  • Signed Copy of Morning Breeze: Restoration
  • Signed Copy of Mind Over Money Money Over Matter
  • Morning Breeze Book Mark
  • Personal Message from Dr Natalie E Sharpe



Morning Breeze: Restoration by Dr Natalie E Sharpe

I have a wonderful blessed word for you today. Your restoration has come! This is the very reason why you have picked up this book. God is shifting things around and restoring you to your rightful position. 

Go ahead, you can put a praise on that! 


This 50-day devotional guide will help you with the process of restoration. Weather you have just suffered a great lost, find yourself starting over again or need to get out of the funk and on the road to a successful and accomplished life you need the fundamental life changing principles that are shared with you in this book. Along with these real-life God encounters are 7 power packed prayers that will cause the will of God to be accomplished in your life!


Mind Over Money, Money Over Matter By Rev Natalie E Miller 


An awesome 50 day inspirational guide that will teach you to command your mind to give you instant access to divine prosperity. These financial life principles will place your Mind Over Money and your Money Over your Matter.

Double Blessing Package

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