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Rev. Dr. Natalie Sharpe, a dynamic and anointed servant of God, embarked on her spiritual journey at the tender age of four, gracing the pulpit with a powerful rendition of Rev F.C. Barnes' "Soon We’ll Be Done With This World." From that moment, it was evident that God had a special touch on her life.

Guided by her compassionate heart, Natalie became a relatable mentor and counselor, propelling her into leadership roles such as Youth Secretary and, later, Youth President of her local assembly. Dedicated to God's calling, she integrated her mission into her academic pursuits, studying theology and broadcasting, with a focus on challenging media standards.

Natalie's mission expanded beyond academia, delving into media entrepreneurship with ventures in online radio, television, and social network broadcasting. Notably, her impactful shows like "The Live Spot" and "Perspective with Dr. Al Baxter" reached global audiences, connecting people to the edifying word of God.

A true passion for the written word of God led Dr. Natalie to receive her Doctorate in Divinity in 2020. She is the author of two transformative books, "Mind Over Money, Money Over Matter" and the internationally received "Morning Breeze: Restoration."

Ordained as a Minister in 2009 and as a Reverend in 2011, Dr. Natalie faithfully serves at her local church under the leadership of Bishops Alphanso and Dr. Joan Miller. She is a prophetic voice, an articulate expositor, an anointed musician, and a skilled artisan of the media.

Remaining humble in her service, Dr. Natalie's desire to spread the gospel globally has taken her to countries such as the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, the USA, and the Caribbean. She eagerly anticipates speaking at conferences and meetings, continuing to serve at the Master's command, excited to witness the transformative change in the lives of God's people.

Morning Breeze TV

Welcome to the radiant world of Morning Breeze TV, where the gentle touch of the Spirit meets the vibrant waves of media excellence. 🌅✨

Immerse yourself in a ministry that transcends boundaries and breathes life into your spiritual journey. Morning Breeze TV, with its YouTube Channel and Social Media Platform, is not just a platform; it's a sanctuary of inspiration, a haven for seekers of truth, and a pulsating hub of spiritual empowerment.

🌐 Global Reach, Local Impact: Embark on a global odyssey with Morning Breeze TV as it bridges the gap between nations, delivering the transformative message of hope and salvation to viewers around the world. Witness the universal language of faith spoken in diverse accents, unifying hearts across continents.

Morning Breeze is a sacred journey guided by the wisdom imparted to Rev Dr. Natalie E Sharpe. Dive into the heart of transformation with 50 devotional guides and 7 prophetic prayers, each a key to unlocking a life completely renewed.

Join the vibrant community on our Facebook Page, a haven for prayers, personal counseling, live teachings, and divine prophetic releases. It's not just a page; it's a sacred space where the touch of God meets the needs of His people.


Morning Breeze isn't just content; it's a refreshing breath of God that touches the lives of thousands every day. Watch, share, like, and comment as the daily offerings resonate with your spirit, bringing forth testimonies of miracles—whether it's healing, financial breakthroughs, job acquisitions, or deliverance from spiritual oppression.

The Glory of God is being manifested, and you're invited to witness the divine unfoldings. Get connected, be blessed, and let the Morning Breeze usher in miracles and transformation into your life. 🌬️📺


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