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At the tender age of four, Rev Natalie first graced the pulpit singing the evangelistic song “Soon We’ll Be Done With This World,” by Rev F.C. Barnes. She sang with such an anointing and power that was far beyond her years. Since then it was evident that God has a special touch on Natalie’s life, and she continued to push forward towards the direction that God was calling her to with the help and guidance of her parents and other influential members of the household of faith.

Natalie’s compassionate heart and desire to see her fellow young people excel made her relatable and easy to approach. This truth propelled her into mentoring and counselling fellow students and other young people towards righteous living while pursuing their academic goals and transitioning into adulthood which encouraged her to assume a position as Youth Secretary and a few years later she was appointed as the Youth President of her local assembly.

Having decided to dedicate her life completely to God she also took her calling and mission into her academic studies, pursuing theological studies and broadcasting and media as she felt led by the Holy Spirit to challenge, change and correct the standards of media broadcasting.  Her mission is to open up new doors for the Gospel to be spread using the metamorphic tool of the spoken word media and various forms of communication. She took her mission to the classroom by attending college and university to study the theoretical and practical applications of film and broadcasting. This pursuit of knowledge was also coupled by her business ventures into media online radio, television, and social network broadcasting placing the banner of Christ at the forefront with Shows like “The Live Spot” on Streaming Praise Radio; “Reigncom Radio”; “Perspective with Dr. Al Baxter” on Vision TV, YES TV, and AFRO GLOBAL TV; and most recently the Morning Breeze Global Broadcast on the Morning Breeze page and FAITH TV which has impacted thousands of people worldwide connecting people to the edifying word of God and creating a global platform for other ministers and parishioners of the faith to share their testimonies. She also has used her love and passion for the arts to share and create opportunities for many people in her local communities through her theatrical productions, most notably the gospel play  “When it All Falls Down a Play by Natalie Miller” which she partnered with Rogers Television as a Community Producer to create a live television recording of the play at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts.She received her doctorate degree as a Doctor of Divinity in 2020 by the School of Bible Theology and Seminary University.

Rev Natalie’s true passion is for the written word of God and she diligently studies to show herself approved. This hunger, thirst, and deepened understanding of the word of God has given Dr Natalie a unique and profound way of expounding and sharing the word of God through writings, teachings, preaching and prophetic revelations. She is the author of two books “Mind Over Money, Money Over Matter,” and the greatly anticipated “Morning Breeze: Restoration”. In 2009 Dr Natalie was ordained as a Minister with the Pentecostal Church of God and in 2011 she was ordained as a Reverend.  She continues to faithfully serve at her local church, helping to lead and guide the flock under the leadership of Bishops Alphanso and Dr. Joan Miller. She is a prophetic voice to the nations, articulate expositor of the word of God, anointed minister of music and song, and experienced artisan of the media.


She remains humble in her service and continues to be available to help wherever she is needed. Her desire to take the gospel of Christ to the world has taken her overseas and connected her with great men and women of God. She is expected to speak, and host many conferences, and meetings in countries such as the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, the USA, and the Caribbean.

She is excited to see the change in the lives of God's people and will continue to serve at the Master's command.

Morning Breeze

Morning Breeze is a daily inspirational blog and vlog. Sharing divine revelations about navigating life that God has given to His servant Rev Dr Natalie E Sharpe. It is also a book of 50 devotional guides and 7 prophetic prayers that will transform your life completely.

Morning Breeze has a Facebook Page where God has used His servant to be dedicated to prayers for all who may have a request, personal counseling,  and live teachings, and divine prophetic release.

Morning Breeze has truly been the refreshing breath of God on the lives of thousands of people who watch, share, like and comment on the content that is provided each and every day.

Testimonies of God's hand touching the lives of people in miraculous ways have been flooding in day after day. Miracles of healing, financial breakthrough, jobs been acquired, deliverance from demonic and spiritual oppression have followed this ministry.

The Glory of God is Being Manifested!

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