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aka " The Doctor"

Who Are We

Music is engrafted in her soul...

Music has been engrafted in the soul of Natalie Sharpe. She began singing publicly at the age of four at her local church. From then it was clear that she is a soulful, musical being filled with power and a supernatural command of music both vocally and as a musician. Natalie began producing music in her early teens. Her genre of rnb/soul/hiphop/gospel fusion accentuated her beautiful timber and dynamic vocal range.


Throughout the course of their musical career, Natalie has touched the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances and continuing to record new singles. She is not just an artist but she serves as both an inspiration and a role model.

Dr Sharpe's music will take you to a different dimension as the lyrics transform you, the music encapsulates you and the vibe transcends you. “The Doctor” is an original.

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